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Yikes! It has been awhile!

I don't know where to begin there is so much to say. First and foremost I guess I should apologize for being MIA since July. I wont make an excuse because there isn't an acceptable one, all I can say is life happens and too often it has a way of taking over.

Now then let's bring everyone up to speed on the world and pen of Joy Bussu, since July and the release of my first book with Blushing Books 'Whispers' I have written and released two other books, my first ever book to reach number one on the Amazon bestsellers lists, 'Tangled in Tinsel' which was part of the 12 Naughty Days of Christmas 2020 and Makia's Bodyguard. I have also did two interviews on Black Author's Matter TV which were well received with positive results.

To say that I have been a little busy is an understatement. The way my self-imposed work schedule is set up I am currently turning in a manuscript or revision of a previously submitted work roughly each month and my next book 'Nieko's Treasure' will be released on January 15, 2021 and most recently I have also gone back to working full-time outside of my home for the first time since March so I would have to say my dance card has been and is pretty full.

Anyway my goals as an author remain about the same, I will continue to write full-time and attract new readers. I am proud to say that my books are even doing well in Canada and the UK as well as the states.

That being said I have to ask for some feedback, what do you all want from my blogs?

More Q and A sessions? More blurbs from my earlier self-published projects? (I have some pretty good short stories that I would love to share) or more of my ramblings about my crazy literary journey? I even want to host other authors here and do some giveaways. You guys tell and me and I will do my best to deliver. I want my page to be a fun, informative and interactive place to come visit so jump in my inbox and let me know, I look forward to your input!

Until next time, sending blessing and love,

Joy Bussu

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