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Is change always a good thing?

Wow I looked at the last day I blogged and it has been a while! I have to say I am sorry to have stayed away so long but it was all for a good reason, I promise you! Like a lot of you this quarantine changed my everyday life.

I went from working full time to trying to find ways to fill my time. Luckily for me, as a writer, I always find a way and find a way I did. I wrote another book, published another book, started two more books, stepped even further out of my comfort zone, said 'Goodbye' to my publisher, and the genre I was writing in and hello to new opportunities and new beginnings. Whew! That was a lot and it's only been a little under two months!

As you may have guessed, all of this progress has brought me today's topic: Is change always a good thing? In my case, the answer is I have no freaking clue! When I say I am terrified to see what my future holds that doesn't begin to describe what I am feeling but the excitement of these changes continues to push me forward.

It's one thing to say you want change in your life but when life starts to manifest EXACTLY what you wanted it is a game-changer! I spent a good part of my life writing but I didn't push all my chips into the center of the table and bet on myself until very recently and with hard work, dedication, some discipline, and humbling my bet are paying off.

Now I've upped the ante again and all I want to do is snatch all my chips off the table and run and hide where it's comfortable and safe because I know what to expect, I won't have anything to lose that way

but as I watch the cards being dealt, I know safe is just another word for fear and I refuse to let that be the reason I don't succeed.

In my case, as I stand on the very edge of my comfort zone yet again, I choose to close my eyes and take that first step off the edge and if I don't fall then another one and another one until I reach the other side of my next edge to step off of. On the off chance, I do fall down, I will just have to go back to the beginning and start all over again, quitting is not an option for me.

My advice to all of you is this, although change is not always good or easy, change is exactly that, it's change, and if you want to move to that next step in the path of goals you set for yourself its inevitable.

So you might as well double down, look this dealer called change in the eye as you say 'hit me' and pray to God you still have a winning hand.

Well until next time my Lovelies, stay safe out there, be blessed, and remember just because someone doesn't believe in something the way you do doesn't mean either one of you is wrong, it simply means their journey is different than yours! Smooches!

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