• JoyBussuAuthor

Have you got to know Joy and Lennox yet?

Joy Jones is a woman who is always in control of every aspect of her life, its has always been her way or no way.

After divorcing her lying, cheating bore of a husband she is on top of her craft and the world. Now a Major in the United States Air Force and back on the dating scene for the first time in over 14 years, she discovers the fascinating world of BDSM and her role in it.

Content and focused she is finally living her best life both as Major Jones by day and Mistress Nicole by night, until her well organized and controlled path veers way off course and sends her careening into the arms of Air Force Pilot Landon ‘Lennox’ Pryorsen.

Now Joy finds herself at a crossroads that can uproot her entire life. Does she listen to the angel on her shoulder and continue down the path of control and contentment? Or does she let the devil in Lennox’s eyes lead her further off course and continue to give in to her very own major jones?

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