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Going through an identity crisis because change is inevitable!

Hello, Lovelies! How are you holding up as the crazy that is now reality continues? I have to say every day is an adventure in my writer's nook and life in general but enough about that and onto the subject of today's blog.

Identity crisis', we've all had them but until now I have never had one as an author. In order for you to fully understand what I'm talking about I have to take you back to about a month and a half ago when my daughter, fellow authors, my ancestors, and even my oracle cards read me to filth. I mean they came for my head!

All pointed to one glowing fact, I had become stagnant and almost lazy in my writing career. Now read that again if you have to I said my writing career, not my writing, I was and still am pumping out a book a month, characters are always popping up in my head with a lot of things to say.

Nonetheless, when it came to doing all I could for my career I was too afraid and comfortable to really take a look at my goals and how close I was to achieving them, and honestly, I wasn't close at all. So I had to stop allowing fear to fuel my ship and stepped out in faith for the second time since I decided to become a published author two years ago and resigned from my publisher.

I was so afraid because I didn't want to lose my literary family, I cried like I was living the damn planet or something but all in all, I did what was best for me and she doesn't begrudge me for it, we are still sister-friends and check up on each other often. The hardest part of resigning was saying goodbye to all my books, they are still mine just not in print anymore, and honestly, it still hurts but its all part of the process.

Now we are well into May and graduation season, I'm helping my daughter prepare for her next milestone in life while feeling like my life, mainly my writing career might be circling the drain.

After an entire week of searching for a new publisher or even a literary agent, I came up with five publishers in the genre closest to my writing style( Because after all I'm not technically urban and I'm not technically romance, I'm just me.) that will accept an unsolicited manuscript without an agent. The herein lies the next obstacle, you can only submit to one publisher at a time to give them the time needed to reject or accept your manuscript oh and let's not forget this process can take up to six weeks! Six weeks?! I have a removable hard drive full of books and for someone who likes to go go go and see results fast, this was torture!

Regardless of all of that I slapped on a smile and refused to look at the circumstances, this was necessary, I had let go of what no longer served me to be open to manifest the things I wanted and asked for. One by one the rejection letters came and frustration set in, I resigned myself to my fate and was prepared to shuffle the deck and choose another book pending one last response.

And then it came. I scanned the email, sighed in defeat, and handed my phone to my daughter saying, "They don't want me either, I honestly don't know where I belong." I'm talking full-on drama queen, soap opera pitiful! She took my phone and ready the email and said, "Where does it even say that at, GOOFBALL?!" She passed me my phone back and made me read the email again, they not only wanted me, but they also wanted to help me with the weak points of the book and even spelled how much in royalties they wanted to pay me and everything! I felt like I was in a dream because could this be true?! Was this really real? Was one of the oldest digital romance publishers offering me a contract even though I was so far from traditional romance it was crazy? The answer was yes!

In true 'me' form I spent the next day and a half overthinking everything and doubting it was really even happening, even almost convinced myself there had to be a catch and researched the company, looking for ways to be disappointed. I looked for everything from lawsuits to how many books they printed last year and the more I found out about them, and how legitimate they actually were, the more I thought there was just no way in hell this was all really happening.

Well it was and still happening and from the moment I signed my new contract its been happening in hyper speed and I continue to have moments of disbelief and uncontrollable screams of excitement. So many people are working with me to make my first release a good one and that leads us to my identity crisis.

From my very first book I never thought to write under any other name but my own Natalie L. Gamble but now when I have to chance to of a lifetime, me and the team to look at things and agreed it was time for a change so as of July 20th, 2020 when my first book with my new publisher is released, I am no longer writing under Natalie L. Gamble but Joy Bussu. Joy is a tribute to my mother so her memory will continue to live on in one of the most unique and wonderful ways I could think of, she never got see my work in print and now her middle name will be on every book I write from this day forward and Bussu (Well Busu actually) is Swahili for 'kiss' and since I'm writing romance it seemed work.

So there you have it, change is inevitable and unavoidable and I am over the moon excited for this change for the better! My new name is already copyrighted and ready to go and so am I! I sincerely hope and pray you still show me the continued support you always have.

Until next time Lovelies, I am living proof the only thing holding you back from your dreams is you. Words and thoughts have power, try your best to speak positive ones and feed your manifestations to fruition! Smooches!

Loving my new logo! shout out to Michael Horne for doing the damn thing once again!😊

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