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Am I really ready for this?!

So here we are! My first release with Blushing Books is due to release today 7/20/20! I am in a weird kind of headspace, my energy is all over the place but I am excited and ready for what the future holds!

I have to say if you are still walking this journey with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you more than words can ever say and y'all already know I always got a lot of them.

This transition has been one of the most eye-opening and challenging experiences of my writing career and I am here for it. I manifested this and I thank God every day that it's happening, that being said it's still so surreal it doesn't seem real yet.

I've seen the official digital copy over the weekend and I screamed I was so excited but still, I keep waiting for, well honestly I don't know what. I haven't had a book be launched on this scale before and while I was nervous when my first book with my previous publisher came out, I have to admit I am a bit terrified right about now.

I normally don't feed into negative energy and fear but under all the anticipation and excitement it is rearing its ugly head especially today. Nonetheless, words and thoughts have power, and its time to breathe even more life into my lifelong goal and dream.

So my answer to my own question: Am I really ready for this? Yes, and No but it doesn't really matter because I'm here in the thick of it and its happening so Im going to work my ass off until more than a few people my name, Joy Bussu has arrived people so get used to seeing my name!

Until next time, sending you all my heartfelt thanks for your continued encouragement and support!

Light and Love my Lovelies!

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